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How Algolia uses Electron to improve internal productivity

Algolia made an Electron app that could be launched with a key combination like Alfred / Apple’s Spotlight, which searched all of the different apps that people used internally at the company.

For a fast-growing startup like Algolia, the more we grow, the more internal data we produce and the more time we spend navigating content. We use Lever for hiring, Help Scout for support emails, GitHub for code, Asana to track projects, the list goes on.

Here are a few examples of issues that Algolia team members face everyday:

  • Who’s the account executive for
  • Show me the best practices for support
  • Open the documentation for searchableAttributes
  • Who’s in charge of our WordPress plugin?
  • Open all support tickets for
  • Search “React” in all our GitHub issues
  • What are the active candidates for our CSE roles?

Answering all these questions would require opening several tabs, browsing, 🖱 clicking, locating multiple search boxes, ⌨ typing, refining and closing your browser in frustration 😤, and of course finally asking 10 different colleagues where to find what you are looking for. And you would need to have an account on each website, which is not necessarily the case at Algolia. Developers don’t have a Salesforce account, for example — nor should they.