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XML Resume and Resume Promotion

  • March 03, 2004

I was working on my resume today when I had a couple of ideas that might be worth following up on.

The first was about XML resumes: it's actually faster for me to nicely format my resume in XHTML (with a stylesheet) rather than fighting with MS Word or some other program. Some quick searching turned up a handful of good options, which are links organized underneath this page.

The second idea is about resume promotion. This kind of ties in to Search Engine Optimization (a search for my name has my main website first, and my resume second) and a bunch of blog promotion advertising stuff. Well, or advertising in general.

What if, just like Google Ads or Blogsnob, you could "advertise" your resume all over the place? I'm not clear on the entire structure, but essentially you could push your resume to relevant content all over the place.

There's a tie-in to social software here, as well. You could certainly link to/list friends, previous managers, previous companies, etc. A site like could be used as a central directory or search tool, and you could also link in external stuff. Hmmm...filter by "previously employed by company X" and other stuff like that.