SIte moved to Rimu Hosting

Bryght is shutting down hosting, so I moved to Rimu Hosting. I already run the Bootup Labs site there, and have recommended it to a number of other people. Do I have more to say about Bryght? Not right now, although it feels like I’ve got a lot of stories tucked away that need to get told at some point.

I’ve got a Miro VPS 2 - $30 / month, 400MB memory, 4GB of storage. I never get a control panel - it’s running Webmin on CentOS, and I asked for the newest version of PHP, plus Apache and MySQL set to run at startup.

It’s actually been a pleasure to “move in” to a new server. The old system had been running for a long time, and various failed experiments at different upgrades – most around PHP and accelerator versions. Also various different test installs of a variety of sites.

So, just like a fresh operating system install on a computer, I had this brand new server to work on, including how I would set up my SVN check outs, different projects, and so on. I’ll document my exact SVN setup in another post – I’ve got a small Unfuddle account where everything is stored. Suffice to say that there is some great svn:externals stuff going on - nice work, Acquia in SVN.

I’ve only got one configuration note so far for fresh CentOS servers that are running PHP – enable the “remi” repo:

You’ll want to install APC (bunch of dependencies, then use pear - see here for CentOS instructions) plus GD and mbstring.

One note: whether it’s Rimu Hosting or some other factor (i.e. Drupal), I haven’t been able to get email to send to Google Apps for Domains hosted email addresses. Regular Gmail addresses work fine, just not Google Apps.

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