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  • Last Edit: September 28, 2020

Command line terminal shell for iOS and iPadOS. Optimized for using with Mosh.

Curtis McHale: Downloading files on a server with Blink Shell on iOS

The scp implimentation in Blink doesn’t handle recursive transfers, we need to create a single file to transfer.

Before you can use scp in Blink to transfer your file you need to log in to your server using ssh2. Evidently regular ssh in Blink loads an esdsa key which scp doesn’t recognize. To get the rsa key loaded you need to use ssh2 which scp does recognize.

So, run ssh2 YOURHOST first, accept the server, and then you can scp to that host like this:

scp YOURHOST:/path/to/file

This will download the file and put it in your (local) Blink folder, accessible through the Files app on iOS.