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BVP Roadmap Open source

We are open sourcing our OSS roadmap so other can see exactly how we evaluate OSS companies and why we are so excited about this space: @BessemerVP #opensource


Bessemer Venture Partners publishes Roadmap: Open Source, on how they look at venture investing in Open Source. Timed with investment in Netdata.

One major development is worth emphasizing: once considered the cheaper version of closed source software, open-source software is now viewed as the superior alternative offering higher quality, better support, and more flexibility.

By Amit Karp, Mike Droesch, Ariel Sterman, Jenny Gao, Ethan Kurzweil

For investing in open source companies, BVP looks at these six areas and ranks each one across good, better, best.

  1. Team
  2. Origin
  3. Early Adopters
  4. Project ownership
  5. Monetization
  6. Community