Cloudflare IPFS Gateway

[[Cloudflare]] has a Distributed Web Gateway page that covers both IPFS and [[Ethereum]].

Here is the extreme TLDR of using their IPFS gateway (if you already have your DNS hosted with Cloudflare):

  1. Create a CNAME for your website that points to – in my case for my root domain,
  2. Create a TXT record at
  3. Enter in dnslink=/ipns/ – from the Fission Guide on controlling your own DNS

Unfortunately, Cloudflare automatically has 6 hours of caching set, and no way to automatically purge / refresh cache when using [[IPNS]] in your [[DNSLink]]. Request on the Cloudflare community forum here for cache clear.

For now, setting the DNSLink to use a hash and updating it with ipfs deploy would be one way to make this work.

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