I can’t remember whom I adopted creating a Colophon page from. Historically, this was “a statement at the end of a book, typically with a printer’s emblem, giving information about its authorship and printing” (via Google Dictionary).

So, I keep notes on what software and other tools I use, in part as notes to myself.

My personal blog colophon documents software & changes all the way to 2001.

bmannconsulting garden & gazebo (Sept 2020)

Well, WikiJS didn’t last long. The public site is back to running Jekyll using the Digital Garden Jekyll Template.

The public site is the “garden”, which is in a public folder inside the “gazebo” – private notes created and managed using LogSeq. Stored in a private [[Github]] repo.

Since I have my DNS on [[Cloudflare]], ended up using the Cloudflare IPFS Gateway to link my site up to where it is on Fission. Some caching issues, unclear how to force updates right now.

The Garden and the Gazebo has a write up about the setup.

bmann wiki, WikiJS (May 2020)

As of May 2020:

  • Did some research on Markdown-based flat file / git wikis, thinking about integrating with my blog
  • After looking at the options, keeping the wiki separate and keeping it as WikiJS still makes sense; this was originaly (which now redirects here) and the bulk of it was food / travel stuff aka Duck Ramen Wiki
  • Imported the Jekyll-based blog that was at into the Archive including bringing in some trimmed and posterous-era stuff back online

Still a WIP, and will write up a blog post once things have settled WikiJS (Aug 2018)

As of August 6th, 2018:

  • Running on WikiJS
  • Hosted on Heroku, initially installed using the Heroku deployment
  • Git is stored in a private [[Gitlab]] repo Tiddlywiki (Nov 2016)

  • [[TiddlyWiki]], on or around 5.1.13.
  • Running on Google AppEngine using Russ Cox’s tiddly Go server at
  • The Favicon is a bowl of Duck Ramen made in Victoria during a Nov 2016 visit: Duck Ramen Wiki

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