Digital Garden Jekyll Template

This site started with this Jekyll template, created by Maxime Vaillancourt. The Colophon has more details about how it has evolved.

Below, the contents of the original “Your first seed” note, which I deleted along with cats and consistency:


This is your first note. You’ll find it in the notes/ directory.

To link to another note, you can use regular Markdown syntax for links, with a relative link to the other note, like this: this is a link to a note about cats{: .internal-link}. Don’t forget to use the .internal-link class to make sure the link is styled as an internal link.

Note: I’m running GitHub flavoured CommonMark here, so you can also just paste in bare links and they will link automatically

Since the Web is all about HTML, you can always use plain HTML if you want, like this: This is the same note about cats as above.

Of course, you can also link to external websites, like this: this is a link to Wikipedia. Again, you can use plain HTML if you prefer.

Additionally, you can use Roam/wiki-style link syntax by wrapping a note’s title in double brackets, like this: Colophon. If the Roam-style link does not point to a valid note’s title, the double brackets will still be shown, like this: [[There is no note with this title]].

Notice in the “Notes mentioning this note” section that there is another note linking to this note. This is a bi-directional link, and those are automatically created when you create links to other notes.

If you’re on a device with mouse support, try hovering your mouse on internal links to preview the notes: Colophon


Finally, you can display images using Markdown syntax, like this:

Next steps

If this template is useful to you in any way, consider donating to support my work.

This digital garden template is free, open-source, and available on GitHub here.

The easiest way to build your own digital garden based on this template is to read this step-by-step guide explaining how to set this up from scratch. If you need any help, my DMs are open on Twitter (@vaillancourtmax). 👋

Go forth, have fun, and learn new something every day! ✌️

Notes mentioning this note