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DO Nix Server

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I installed NixOSNixOS
NixOS Wiki: Cheatsheet - a cheat sheet and rough mapping between Ubuntu and NixOS

Fluffy Nuke It: Installing Essential Software in NixOS - technically about setting up NixOS for [[Haskell]] development, but does a good job of walking through and explaining how things work.
For example, here’s how to install [[git]]:
nix-env -iA nixos.pkgs.gitAndTools.gitFull

on a Digital Ocean server using nix-infect.

I can connect to it using BlinkShellBlinkShell
Command line terminal shell for [[iOS]] and [[iPadOS]]. Optimized for using with [[Mosh]].


Curtis McHale: Downloading files on a server with Blink Shell on iOS

The scp implimentation in Blink doesn’t handle recursive transfers, we need to create a single file to transfer.

Before you can use scp in Blink to transfer your file you need to log in to yo...
on my iPhone or iPad to do various shell things: it’s useful to have a little command line in the cloud.