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Fifth Generation Management

I want to talk about an idea I call fifth-generation management. 1/ Fifth-generation management is an emerging style of management we don’t know much about because it doesn’t actually exist yet. But it is guaranteed to emerge post-Covid because historically, big sharp disruptions have reliably triggered discontinuous changes in management culture, and it is already clear that this one is doing that.

By vgrvgr
Venkatesh Rao, of Ribbon Farm and many other things.

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from his Breaking Smart newsletter

Forwarded to me by @cambel, who also tagged @catthekin as starting to practice this fifth generation management. Feels like Wardley MapsWardley Maps
Created by Simon WardleySimon Wardley
Twitter: @swardley
Creator of [[Wardley Maps]]
. Chapter One on Medium is a good place to get started:

This is the story of my journey, from a bumbling and confused CEO lost in the headlights of change to having a vague idea of what I was doing. I say vague because I’m not going to make grand claims to the techniques that I discuss in this book. It is enough to say that I have found them useful over the last decade whether in finding opportunity, removing waste, helping to organise a team of people or determin...
fit in here as well, plus the Pioneers, Settlers, and Town PlannersPioneers, Settlers, and Town Planners
The full blog post is titled On Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners and Theft by Simon WardleySimon Wardley
Twitter: @swardley
Creator of [[Wardley Maps]]
The concept of Pioneers, Settlers, and Town Planners is something that I share with many people in thinking about their organizations. I learned it from Simon Wardley in the linked article, and have been sharing it ever since.
I find it a really useful way to think about the role of people within an organization, and what a person is best suited for. I am a Pioneer-to-Settler kind of guy.
Simon ...
concepts. Well, just channeling Simon WardleySimon Wardley
Twitter: @swardley
Creator of [[Wardley Maps]]