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Running IPFS on a Chromebook

  • Last Edit: September 28, 2020

InterPlanetary File System
Originally created by [[Juan Benet]] who founded Protocol Labs.
on ChromeOS like this is not recommended ā€“ use the built in ChromeOS Linux Support.

Iā€™m going to assume you already have your ChromebookChromebook
Iā€™m a fan of Chromebooks because they are what I used to love about my Macbook Air 11ā€: small, powerful, computers with long battery life. In addition, they also happen to be pretty inexpensive ā€“ a very good machine starts at $600CAD.
ASUS Flip C302CA
I bought this new ASUS Chromebook in early 2018, because The Wirecutter told me it was the best one
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Chrome & Android Apps can only Read / Write to Downloads
This means you need to use your Do...
in developer mode.

Install IPFS

Available via ChromebrewChromebrew

Open terminal and get a shell:
wget -q -O - | bash
Useful packages I like:
crew install nano

crew install ipfs

Now you can get started:

ipfs init

To run IPFS as a daemon:

ipfs daemon &

IPFS Companion Chrome Plugin

Source on GitHub: