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Sept 24th, 2020

  • September 24, 2020

Hiring Software Engineers

Bumped into @JasonMcLaren while out getting coffee from @Coho and had the exact same discussion around jobs and where to post them that isn’t LinkedIn (which is pretty pointless for software jobs). The question about what network or platform to post to comes up all the time when I challenge people on wasting their time with LI.

@AngelList is still the one where I get the best results – that is, I can post jobs there and get a decent flow of decent candidates automatically. And that’s on their free tier – they now have paid tiers starting at $250 per month.

@StackOverFlow I have heard good things about their job posting board. Their talent page doesn’t have pricing, I believe last I heard it’s like $4KUSD for a promoted listing.

Also: my standard advice: if you’re considering paying recruiters, just hire a full time marketing / operations / chief of staff / people position instead, and have them work on running your sourcing and hiring.

Social Mentions

OK, I’m going to see about building Social MentionsSocial Mentions
Many different tools support Social Mentions – @name typed into a message or a document or a chat, which usually sets off a notification to the person being mentioned.
[[Jekyll]] has a plugin where you can link mentions – but it only works for one network.
Since I consistently want to link to things on [[AllTheBestRecipes]] or Twitter or Github, I’m going to make a simple Jekyll data file called entities.yml where I can define these links.
It will loo...
into the site as well.