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Oct 1, 2020

  • October 01, 2020

I had just “one more thing” to add to the site last night, and so ended up staying up way too late again.

I’m now trying out ObsidianObsidian
Desktop Markdown editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux that has built in backlinking, wikilinks, and [[Zettelkasten]] support.

License model is free for personal use, they intend to have paid licenses for commercial use, much like the licensing model for IDEs. Personal users pay for early access and other community features.
From the home page:

In our age when cloud services can shut down, get bought, or change privacy policy any day...
for working with these notes. Again, the nice thing about “files” and some commonality around Markdown.

And it generates an impressive looking graph!

It doesn’t fully understand Jekyll markdown notes – I guess the spelling for wiki links has to be exact.

New notes it creates with Title Caps and spaces, which is easy enough to fix before publishing. This not-really-compatible-markdown-and-file-structures is where all the issues live in note portability.

And, funky things like these SJ specific external links @obsdmdSource for Twitter links looks like this: @obsdmd : : inside the brackets. it doesn’t understand what I’m doing :)

It is a very nice distraction free writing interface that I can see using, but using my code editor as my note taking interface, especiallty when I am going back and forth programming the website with little chunks of Liquid markup, probably makes more sense for me.