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12:29pm Tuesday

  • Created: December 29, 2020

I’ve been sick with a horrendous flu since Christmas Day. TLDR, it was “just” a bad flu.

I called the BC public health line at 811 on the 3rd evening of being sick, the nurse recommended that I get a COVID test. The next morning (yesterday) I went to the drive through at VCC and got tested with the saline mouth gargle. They didn’t test Rachael because she didn’t have symptoms. This was shortly after 9am.

By 9:30pm, I got an SMS notice that my test was negative. What a relief.

I did a log of my interactions, working backwards:

  • Fri, Dec 25th: went for a walk and realized feeling very weak. Made it home and then badly sick from the afternoon onwards.
  • Thurs, Dec 24th: cooking all morning, parental hand off of food
  • Wed, Dec 23rd: comic book and cookie hand off with Su, Evo to Granville Island to Propeller Design. Standing in line outside Rio Friendly Meats for 1hr+
  • Tues, Dec 22nd: office breakfast and then lunch, with Brooke, Katie, and Rachael
  • Mon, Dec 21st: Lyft to Revolver, see Roland, go for walk in rain with Riad, tea & whiskey at Miku to warm up, Tom Lee Music to pickup Arturia KeyStep, cab to office, Evo home
  • Sun, Dec 20th: bike to do masked pick up at Cadeaux Bakery, drop off at the office
  • Sat, Dec 19th:
  • Fri, Dec 18th: home office, biked to do a masked cookie pickup and wheat beer handover
  • Thurs, Dec 17th: home office, Fission Demo Day
  • Wed, Dec 16th: Fission office with Brooke

Brooke and our shared office space is part of my bubble. On the 21st, obviously I had lots of interactions with different people, but all were wearing masks and/or 6ft away.

Of note: I got really chilled and wet out in the rain on the 21st. Then, on the 23rd, I again got really cold waiting in line outside Rio. And, in general, coming off a bunch of work and “relaxing”, so I guess my system hit the wall and collapsed.