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8:59am Saturday

Chatting with @flancian who was wondering if he should support the Simply JekyllSimply Jekyll
Highly customized [[Jekyll]] template that supports both posts and custom notes, with everything able to be linked together with [[backlinks]] and other features.
Found via @bopuc on Ton’s post.

By Raghuveer S, [[@raghuveerdotnet on Github::]].
Preview / example, available on Github
Tutorial [[How to setup Simply Jekyll]], which is basically clone the repo, connect to [[Netl...
margin note syntax in AnagoraAnagora
An [[Agora]] implementation by @Flancian.
The concept is to have nodes / notes where people maintain their own digital notes garden like I do here, but then pull them in and link them through their public git repos. Aka a “distributed knowledge graph”.
The [[Agora Plan]]1 page has more details. It is written in [[Python]] / Flask and is open source under the [[Apache2 License]].

This site is [[Connecting to the Agora]] as of January 24th, 2021

Features and Documentation

Specifically “what do you call this freak of nature???” when he saw the markup 😅

I’ll do a search and replace at some point to convert everything to LittlefootLittlefoot
Littlefoot is a [[JavaScript]] library to make great inline footnotes. It’s a non-jQuery replacement for [[BigfootJS]].
From the Github README:

littlefoot is a lightweight JavaScript library that creates exceptional footnotes. It was forked from Bigfoot.js by Chris Sauvé and does not require jQuery.
Simply include the code on your pages and footnotes will be detected automatically and improved in the following ways:

Links to footnotes will be replaced with clickable/tappable buttons, makin...
which is probably worth a write up TO DO Implementing Littlefoot for footnotes.

The install was completed right at the end of my birthday.