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9:12pm Friday

  • Created: March 05, 2021

Codex 1 is one of a number of note taking tools for thought that I’ve been following on Twitter @codexeditor.

I hadn’t realized that the Codex Patreon was the main web presence other than the Twitter account. It’s actually great to see so many digital creators getting supported directly to build.

  1. Which I’m going to have to figure out how to link to the AgoraAgora
    Welcome to [[boris mann]]’s section of the agora!
    We’re experimenting with [[Connecting to the Agora]], and what some of the configurations and conventions are. The [[Anagora]] page has my notes and feature requests.
    node that @flancian made. I should probably make an Agora FAQAgora FAQ
    I realize that while this site is connected into [[Anagora]] (but that’s an instance, so I should be saying [[Agora]] instead?) that I don’t really know how it works! Or what the special features are!
    What markup do I use to link to a “global” node? A particular user’s node?
    For instance, this post will be imported there, under “my” node. How does someone, while writing in their agora, link to [[Agora FAQ]]?
    Ideally I don’t want to have to break my flow and go look up a link. So, within some ...