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12:39pm Monday

I posted the Back to IndieKit blog to Mastodon.

I’m thinking about automating posts from this journal to Mastodon. The people there are likely interested in the type of stuff I post about. I would need to build a JSON Feed and then I can use my existing
A hosted microblogging service that uses [[Hugo]] static site generator underneath. Supports [[IndieWeb]], [[Micropub]], [[ActivityPub]] and more independent and open web protocols.
Founded by [[Manton Reece]].
[[Recommended]] for people who want to run a blog on their own domain, while still being able to cross post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, and Mastodon. Also supports podcasts and videos at premium accounts.

I pay for an account to run my microblog at ...
subscription to cross post.

Hmmm. Since the Revue newsletter builder is part of Twitter now, and I looked at using it for Fission, maybe I’ll put the Journal feed into there, that could be interesting.