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4:03pm Thursday
A hosted microblogging service that uses [[Hugo]] static site generator underneath. Supports [[IndieWeb]], [[Micropub]], [[ActivityPub]] and more independent and open web protocols.
Founded by [[Manton Reece]].
[[Recommended]] for people who want to run a blog on their own domain, while still being able to cross post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, and Mastodon. Also supports podcasts and videos at premium accounts.

I pay for an account to run my microblog at ...
just moved their help site to DiscourseDiscourse

Civilized discussion for your community

Discourse is super flexible open source forum software. It’s a top [[Community Tool]].
The private company behind Discourse is Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.. They offer paid hosting for forums starting at $100/month.
You can apply for free hosting for open source projects
Discourse for Teams
There is a new (late 2020) Discourse for Teams offering that starts at $20/month for up to 5 team members on a fully private forum.

Discourse for Te...
: New help center using Discourse.

Great to see. It has SSO with your existing account.