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9:45pm Saturday

The High Blogging Era, defined by Robin Sloan as mid-2000s. Hmmm. I was there and was a part of it, and RSS and blogs was all there was, before Twitter and Facebook etcetera that then became labeled as social media.

Google Reader removed social features in 2011, and was shut down in 2013. I think the “high” era more properly is the mid 2000s until the fall of Reader. When many people were blogging, not just the early few. Maybe 8 years? A good run.

But everyone will have their own nostalgia tinged view.

Are we at the beginning of digital gardens and Second BrainSecond Brain
The concept of wikis goes back to an earlier era of the web. With the advent of blogging (and I would say, RSS feeds to subscribe and follow content from all over), wikis went away for a while.
Wikis probably also get a bad rap from their early incarnation inside company intranets. Aside from a bad editing interface, bad search is the big thing that kills company intranets of all kinds. More on the [[Wiki]] page.
Currently, in 2020, personal and company note repositories are experiencing a re...
s? Will this be looked back on as the High Era? I’m more interested in getting it into the hands of everyone. Hmmm. Has Nora Young done a segment on Spark yet? I should attempt to get on a CBC Radio morning or afternoon show to talk about it.

via Robin Rendle, Blogging and Dimly Lit Bars.