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7:39pm Wednesday

I’m finding it pleasant to flesh out Moa PartyMoa Party
Links your [[Mastodon]] account to [[Twitter]] to enable cross-posting in both directions.
@flancian, @vera and I have formed a squad under the [[FedStoa]] to run Moa as a public utility. The home base for this is now on Gitlab at The issue queue in that repo is where TODOs are actively being tracked.
The website is the status / news / docs website for the project, with the source code and build on Gitlab under the [[FedStoa]] group.
The Matrix cha...
pages on the website. It’s small, and it’s a constrained area of knowledge. The notes graph is fun to look at.

I worked on the Pleroma]and ActivityPub pages, which was fun learning a bit more about those two things and gathering links and descriptions.