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3:42pm Sunday

Subreply seems interesting. From the about page:

@subreply was created by @lucian from the desire of a having a simple to use, English-only, public forum that has nothing in common with ancient and untrustworthy social networks.


  1. easy to reply to anyone
  2. save content posted by anyone
  3. 🧠💪 one or two emojis instead of avatars
  4. mentions, links and hashtags support
  5. reverse-chronological order for all feeds
  6. easy to find find and follow people
  7. light and dark themes based on OS preference


  1. 480 characters per reply
  2. Unicode and emoji to ASCII transliteration to display everywhere
  3. unique global topics, replies per thread, content per account
  4. only one mention, link or hashtag per reply
  5. no support for paragraphs, keeps conversation tidy
  6. no popularity counters for replies or profiles