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12:28pm Saturday

I decided that remote publishing of notes would be useful. So, back to setting up IndieKitIndieKit
From the Github README:

Indiekit is a small but powerful server that acts as the go-between your website and the wider independent web.

Publish content to your website using apps like [[iAWriter]], [[]], Icro, Indigenous or services that support the [[Micropub]] API
Syndicate your content to social networks like Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn, and save posts to the Internet Archive
Accept likes, comments and other types of feedback on your content with Webmention
Save files to dif...
. It has changed quite a bit since I last looked at it – for the better!

The actual server you deploy into HerokuHeroku
Heroku CLI
Heroku Teams – it used to be awkward to “share” deployments, or have a fake company user that owned it; teams are free for up to 5 members, then $10 per month for more. Also no free dynos for teams.
I have been using Heroku for many many years. Heroku was [[serverless]] (and containers) before either term existed. I have helped get a variety of open source software running on Heroku ...
is one index.js file. Here’s mine bmann/indiekit-bmcgarden, which in turn is really just a copy of paulrobertlloyd/paulrobertlloyd-indiekit.

I deleted everything except for Articles (which should turn into blog posts) and Notes (which will be notes, as long as notes don’t have an arbitrary character limit coming in). I need to figure out templating to do things like turn Bookmarks into notes with the link: front matter filled out.