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Mac Mini

  • Last Edit: February 14, 2021

I bought a Mac Mini1 at the beginning of October 2020. I got the higher end model and bumped the processor to the 3.2GHz 6‑core 8th‑generation Intel Core i7, but everything else base – 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD.

I have often used Norse Mythology as a naming scheme for computers, although I’m also currently using a Pokemon theme for portable devices. This current Mac Mini is named Utgard.2

The rest of my home desktop setup:

  • 32GB of RAM ordered from OWC; the saga of the screwdrivers means that I didn’t complete installation until Feb 2021
  • eGPUeGPU
    External GPU for computers that can’t have full size video cards installed internally, like a [[Mac Mini]] or a laptop. Usually connected over Thunderbolt 3. Community and Review site Buyers Guide: (updated all the time, loads super slow)
    Apple support doc1 on eGPU support:
    Blackmagic eGPU [[Blackmagic...
    enclosure from Razer, with an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card with 8GB RAM
  • Asus VG289Q MonitorAsus VG289Q Monitor
    ASUS 28” 4K Monitor. Bought it at Best Buy:

    Asus Canada

    28” 4K monitor
  • Logitech M535 Bluetooth mouse
  • HyperX membrane keyboard: quieter, full size, and permanently wired, so my Royal Kludge becomes my wireless / portable keyboard. Don’t worry, it still has rainbow backlighting!
  • 2TB NVMe drive in an external enclosure, researched originally Nov 14th, 2020, purchased and installed Nov 24th, 2020
  • OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dock with 2x 2TB SSD drives (installed February 9th, 2021); the fan is very loud, so unplugged for now?
  • Webcam, detailed Nov 7th, 2020, along with eGPU purchase
  • Yeti Blue USB Microphone, which I also plug my Sennheiser Headset into

To research:

  • Wired headphones and digital amp
  • Wrist rest? I have to get the position / height of my hands, the desk, and keyboard set correctly
  • Kneeling chair? The office chair is pretty good, but I’m spending a LOT of time in this room
  1. This is known as the Mac Mini (2018) edition. The Apple Mac Mini page now lists the new Mac Mini with the Apple M1 ARM chip.

  2. See Útgarðar on Wikipedia, where you can follow many other Norse mythology references