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Marfa Theme

  • Last Edit: January 10, 2021

I’m using the Marfa theme from
A hosted microblogging service that uses [[Hugo]] static site generator underneath. Supports [[IndieWeb]], [[Micropub]], [[ActivityPub]] and more independent and open web protocols.
Founded by [[Manton Reece]].
[[Recommended]] for people who want to run a blog on their own domain, while still being able to cross post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, and Mastodon. Also supports podcasts and videos at premium accounts.

I pay for an account to run my microblog at ...
for my site My fork is public here:

To Do

Home page has avatar and “follow on Mb” links. Change to ???

No pagination on Photos page. Remove and replace with a new / different photos layout.

Error on bio page (linked to avatar). Need to include new partial.

Custom 404 page, need to add not_found.html


Copied yearly grouping across from internet-weblog theme into the marfa theme. Live example on the authors blog: Copied list.archivehtml.html and list.photoshtml.html across from the theme-blank default Mb theme. Figuring out how these all fit together, how do I get Hugo to locally create this archive page? Just make an /archive folder?


Added tags to the #post-meta section at the bottom of single.html. Messed around with CSS styling to make button-style tag links with an arrow in front.

Post pages have avatar and microblog at the bottom. Removed this section entirely.

The “Call to Action” (CTA) on single posts in the upper right hand corner points to Mb – point it at bmannconsulting for now.

Footer link to Mb, point it at bmannconsulting for now.

Moved custom footer partial inside the actual footer, rather than just blank text at the end of the page.

Looking at internet-weblog theme for ideas, adding categories to posts.