A Meta Layer for Notes

What’s the digital equivalent of sticky notes?

[[Julian Lehr]]


Originally a post about [[Hey]]:

Hey’s most interesting aspect is not its radical approach to email – but its fresh approach to note taking!

Mentions [[Front App]]. Feels like [[Missive]] does this really well — in both single player and team mode.

Neither the creation nor the consumption of notes should be treated as separate workflows.

What we need instead is a spatial meta layer for notes on the OS-level that lives across all apps and workflows. This would allow you to instantly take notes without having to switch context. Even better yet, the notes would automatically resurface whenever you revisit the digital location you left them at.

This requires a shared data layer to support it. This is a core Fission [[Webnative]] insight and goal: cross platform, cross app data layer. Re-use of data enabled by this layer.

You could imagine employers shipping corporate laptops with pre-installed notes to make it easier to transfer (previously tacit) knowledge and thus improve the onboarding process for new hires.

I’ve created an [[Indoctrination Reading List]] at multiple companies, as well as handed over wikis to be searched and added to as part of onboarding.

I think the intent here is to be much more contextual per app or interface.

Asking people about their note taking practices and tools is probably a good interview question.

Sept 2020

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