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The reMarkable is a “paper tablet” with a monochrome e-ink screen with touch support, and a non-powered stylus.


I bought one in February 2021.

Sitting at the breakfast table writing what will become a blog post on drop in audio.

Yes, it’s a new reMarkable “paper” tablet. I’m using it in the hopes of better deep reading and writing.

Except for a quick microblog to post a picture of it!


@doriantaylor asked about the dimensions. It’s 187 x 246 x 4.7 mm, active screen portion is 10.3”, 1872 x 1404 resolution, 226DPI. Full technical specifications.


Anton @theunfoldingway asked if it supports custom templates. I had just discovered the regular templates for notes.

Remarkable Template Selection Screen

Doing a quick search found all these for sale custom templates, and an app to load them onto your device. But, there are lots of open source tools to help with this.

This video shows how to create and add custom templates on Windows:


To Test

  • Google Drive Remarkable Sync
  • ReMailableReMailable
    Email PDF documents to your [[reMarkable]] tablet. Available as a freely usable service at
    Open source under the [[Apache2 License]] written in [[Python]]. Uses an AWS backend, Amazon SES for email, DynamoDB, and Amazon S3 buckets for email storage.