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Simply Jekyll Template

  • Last Edit: January 24, 2021

Right now, it’s just my fork of the Simply JekyllSimply Jekyll
Highly customized [[Jekyll]] template that supports both posts and custom notes, with everything able to be linked together with [[backlinks]] and other features.
Found via @bopuc on Ton’s post.

By Raghuveer S, [[@raghuveerdotnet on Github::]].
Preview / example, available on Github
Tutorial [[How to setup Simply Jekyll]], which is basically clone the repo, connect to [[Netl...
theme bmann/simply-jekyll.

I’ve done an initial setup of Forestry with it, and have it building to Netlify. My plan is to turn it into a Github template repository1, to make it very simple for people to run.

The theme itself is a bit too complicated and custom, so consider this an experiment.

After talking to @Flancian, reworking this template – and renaming it – so that it can be made to simply connect to AnagoraAnagora
An [[Agora]] implementation by @Flancian.
The concept is to have nodes / notes where people maintain their own digital notes garden like I do here, but then pull them in and link them through their public git repos. Aka a “distributed knowledge graph”.
The [[Agora Plan]]1 page has more details. It is written in [[Python]] / Flask and is open source under the [[Apache2 License]].

This site is [[Connecting to the Agora]] as of January 24th, 2021

Features and Documentation
could be something to work on.

  1. Github’s docs on template repos aren’t great. It’s to make a copy without forking that is ready to go right away. It means the git repo is completely separate, so updates may be a problem, but you can do many more one-click things with it since it is a completely separate repo.