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Apple and Motorola are making a phone?

  • December 16, 2004

Mike Davidson thinks that this Forbes article confirms the fact that we may see an "iPhone" next year.

Apple has confirmed that not only will they be releasing a full-fledged Apple-inspired phone with Motorola circuitry, but it will likely be shown off in January to an eagerly-awaiting public at MacWorld Expo. Mike Davidson: iPhone Prediction Confirmed

This certainly could be another use for the CompactFlash memory rumours that had people speculating about a CF-based iPod. As noted in the Forbes article, the carriers may not like this -- being able to load content onto the phone without using their data services is what they really fear: it means their expensive investments in upgrading their networks is being neatly side-stepped. Hmmm...sounds kind of like the rest of the telecom industry.