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A Vancouver Job connection area here on BMC?

Om Malik writes about Niche Job Boards Rising:

CrunchBoard, 37Signals and PaidContent - they are all bringing attention to the fact that narrow niche sites work, and the job boards don’t seem to have the necessary impact or perhaps get the right kind of users. These three sites have very strong communities, and as a result their job boards work and will continue to work. These three boards should enjoy success, because the number of technology job listings in on an upswing. reports that there are 121 job listings per 1000 people in San Jose, and 74 job listings per 1000 in San Francisco.

Recently, I've been toying with the idea of adding a "jobs" section to this site. Why? Well, I think I have some interesting ideas about jobs, resumes, and linking. Secondly, I constantly run into great individuals looking for jobs, as well as interesting companies looking for employees. So, bringing them together in a dedicated section might be an interesting idea.

Issues like having people be able to remain anonymous while still being endorsed (by me or others) likely need to get handled. Or ignored, and we just do truly public information, but then how am I going to help friends jump from current positions?

I know that David Crow already runs a Canadian UX jobs section, so there's some "local" precedent as well -- he does, however, also do a bunch of aggregation. Right now I'm thinking more of directly submitted/hand-selected Vancouver jobs and people. The people part is what most interests me.

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Do you think I'll actually find the time? :P