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Open Source using Eclipse Public License

Written in ClojureScript and DataScript, same as Roam ResearchRoam Research
“A note-taking tool for networked thought. As easy to use as a document. As powerful as a graph database. Roam helps you organize your research for the long haul.”
I currently use Roam for my private note taking. I practice making a daily [[Worklog]], taking notes on meetings, running a lightweight CRM, and managing my personal TODOs with it.


July 2020: MVP Update, Funding, and Why I Started Athens

We are creating and will create vast amounts of value, and we should capture value proportionally. Being open-source shouldn’t change that. In fact, arguably we should be capturing MORE value, not in spite of, but BECAUSE we’re open-source.

I’m going to take a page out of Roam’s book (once again) and price our sponsorships at $16/month (Athenian) and $501 / 5 years (Believer), because that’s how much I pay for Roam, and I believe Athens will create at least as much value as Roam if the only difference were that we were open-source.

Quoting Toby Shorin Come for the Network, Pay for the ToolCome for the Network, Pay for the Tool

As high quality content and effective brand strategy move down the long tail, “community” has become an important concept for every post-Web 2.0 player. Crypto token holders, influencer fanbases, DTC brand customers, creator audiences, and new social networks are all often referred to as communities, and each has a stake in developing community for itself.
A new business type here is the paid community: a direct subscription to join in. Today, most paid communities live on the outskirts of e...

Start erasing the line between operators, customers, and community members, and squint; you begin to make out the shape of a group of people who can build for themselves and determine their own path of development.