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Cobuying Property with Friends

By Phil Levin, Found via the Embassy NetworkEmbassy Network
Communities experimenting with culture and commoning.

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The community slack is called “An Accidental Megastructure”, referencing a book, [[The Stack]].

In [[Vancouver]], Orbital Lounge Vancouver, which [[Rachael Craig]] is a part of.

The entire Supernuclear Substack is a guide to coliving:

Supernuclear is a guide for people starting coliving communities for their chosen tribe. It’s a 100% free and earnest attempt to help people live their best life with their favorite people.

This article was a really comprehensive overview. Some of it is US centric – both corporate structures and real-estate specific items around investing are different in Canada – but I feel a lot more informed about the process and how to think about some of these concepts.

We’re at the very beginning of this with Vancouver CLT in gathering some interested people.