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Introduction to Simply Jekyll

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Simply JekyllSimply Jekyll
Highly customized [[Jekyll]] template that supports both posts and custom notes, with everything able to be linked together with backlinks and other features.
Found via @bopuc on Ton’s post.

By Raghuveer S, [[@raghuveerdotnet on Github::]].
Preview / example, available on Github
Tutorial [[How to setup Simply Jekyll]], which is basically clone the repo, connect to [[Netl...
is a highly functional jekyll-based theme that combines the best of different worlds (atleast tries to 😅). It is a minimal and distraction free theme that strives to provide maximum value all without holding back on any essential features that a user would benefit from or would desire for. This is an evolving project and is garanteed to be maintained at least for quite some time as I myself am a beneficiary of this theme and the project.

The theme provides a rich set of features that include:

  • Wiki-style markdown syntax for both internal as well as external links.
  • Support for backlinks and related posts to exhort serendipitous encounters.
  • Feed-specific context menu for instantly accessing the related posts and references.
  • Auto stale-link management for internal links.
  • Custom syntax for sidenotes and marginnotes on either side of the feed/post.
  • Support for partial transclusion of posts.
  • On hover page preview.
  • Custom classes to style phrasing elements like quotes, callouts, etc by mentioning size, font-types, weight, box etc.
  • Preliminary support for flashcards.
  • Custom syntax to highlight your favorite part of the post (No, I am not talking about code syntax highlighting, which is already provided by Jekyll through Rouge).
  • Support for external link identifier through icons.
  • Finally, the most important of them all — No bloatware or frameworks!

Plus everything else that you can already do with jekyll like write something on a bunch of markdown files and convert it into a HTML file or sprinkle in some inline html can still be done alongside these features.