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Sept 2020

  • September 01, 2020

Sept 21, 2020

Progress in Vancouver CLT

Jacob invited me to the Embassy NetworkEmbassy Network
Communities experimenting with culture and commoning.

twitter @embassynetwork

The community slack is called “An Accidental Megastructure”, referencing a book, [[The Stack]].

In [[Vancouver]], Orbital Lounge Vancouver, which [[Rachael Craig]] is a part of.
Slack, which we’re going to use as our community gathering space for collaborators for now.

There was a relevant post on a proforma for a house in Maine that can form part of the financial aspects of a CLT.

I shared CLT VancouverCLT Vancouver

Owned by [[Co-operative Housing Federation of BC]]
Focused on low / moderate income housing

Their office is on Commercial Drive, not far from where I live.
, I need to see about going in and introducing myself, and finding out more about them.

This article on Co-buying property with friends was a good overview. Some parts are overly US-centric (Canada doesn’t have LLCs and some of the other structures mentioned), but the general process is great.

Further blog surgery

I went and grabbed the source for and put all the posts in the archive here as well. A number of them were bookmarks / links, which fit much better as notes. Many of the posts which I didn’t bring in here are “social posts”. Some of them could be good note candidates, but most of them are images and cross posts to Twitter and so on, which I’ll see about importing into It’s going through a 2.0 update so I’ll wait a while on that.

Mainly, things will just link here.
I think I’m going to turn off the existing blog, point the blog subdomain at
instead of microblog, and then I’m done shuffling things.

Sept 8th, 2020

Zoom intro with Jacob

Had a great intro call with Jacob SaylesJacob Sayles
twitter @jacobsayles

[[Vancouver]]-based. [[Coworking]] expert. [[Python]] developer.

I am a creative and entrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years of experience and a history of innovative ideas, well executed projects, and management of diverse teams. In 2007, I recognized the growing trend of independent and remote workers and opened Office Nomads, the first coworking space in Seattle, WA. To support this business and others like it, I wrote Nadine, the fir...
. He shared a 10 bedroom house on Nicola Street that he’s been looking at, and in general is excited about exploring shared housing options in for Vancouver CLT.

Next step is to put out a call / invite people who might be interested in actually getting started with this.

Speaker at UBC STRIVE

Spoke to the STRIVE Business and Engineering Club tonight.

They are purposefully a small group where members take an active role in deciding what to learn and who to hear from.

It was a general “tell your entrepreneurship story” session over Zoom. Encouraged them to try things, start side businesses and projects.

I was surprised that none of them had heard of Y Combinator.

I told them all to get on Twitter. And I think somewhere in there I may have agreed to create a TikTok account.

None of them had ever bought a domain name – suggested that they have someone in the group research on how to do that and present it to everyone else. With ~30 group members, that’s a lot of combined research and learning!

Recommended Tumblr as well for sharing / clipping links and notes. You can still map your own domain name for free.

A few things I mentioned:

  • Lean Startup and the “Build Measure Learn” loop and in general some of the topics from the StartupStartup
    Startup and small business operations and efficiency
    “Startup” is this weird phrase that means lots of different things. For me, one of the things that it means is really internalizing a couple of different concepts.
    One is the [[Lean Startup]], which has lots of baggage associated with it today, but at its core there is the Build - Measure - Learn loop.
    You start with a hypothesis (another key concept), like “adding an ecommerce channel will lead to more sales”, and then you build the minima...
  • Pirate MetricsPirate Metrics
    Framework for thinking about how to onboard / get people to use your product or service. Originally conceived by [[Dave McClure]] at [[500 Startups]].
    These are totally custom for every product, but can be useful in building hypotheses about what matters / what works in getting usage, and also what kind of [[Product Metrics]] you should be tracking.
    Called “Pirate Metrics” because the abbreviation is A-A-R-R-R:

    Acquisition: this is initial sign up. You might want to say this is email sign up...
  • Debating which presentation to send them, maybe Presentation - What Investors WantPresentation - What Investors Want
    Presented [[Jan 2016]] at Quest University to [[Gal Smolar]]’s class.
    On Speakerdeck:

    and/or Presentation - How to Build a BusinessPresentation - How to Build a Business
    Presented [[May 2017]] in [[Dubai]] at [[ProtoHack Dubai]].
    On Speakerdeck: