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Sept 25th, 2020

  • September 25, 2020

Self rendering Markdown

I compiled all the Javascript Markdown scripts into a test deploy on FissionFission
Fission is the company I founded in June [[2019]] with [[Brooklyn Zelenka]].
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@-mentions as key network signifier

Had a good call with Rabble talking about UCAN, Planetary, and the “discovery” problem in social networks. Specifically, mapping unique identifiers like a hash or a key to a username. And, that those usernames probably all look like @username (back to Social MentionsSocial Mentions
Many different tools support Social Mentions – @name typed into a message or a document or a chat, which usually sets off a notification to the person being mentioned.
[[Jekyll]] has a plugin where you can link mentions – but it only works for one network.
Since I consistently want to link to things on [[AllTheBestRecipes]] or Twitter or Github, I’m going to make a simple Jekyll data file called entities.yml where I can define these links.
It will loo...

Twitter was the undisputed champion of @-usernames, but I’d say that Instagram is as big or bigger depending on the context. Celebrity, food, small business are increasingly defaulting to IG as the primary @-username.

Yes, many other systems use @-usernames, but the “default” mapping is to Twitter.

Idea that I floated for portability / look-ups: usernames linked to DIDs using Verifiable Claims. This “proves” that a DID has control over a username on a given network.