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Sept 28th, 2020

  • September 28, 2020

The tiny mention of Simply JekyllSimply Jekyll
Highly customized [[Jekyll]] template that supports both posts and custom notes, with everything able to be linked together with [[backlinks]] and other features.
Found via @bopuc on Ton’s post.

By Raghuveer S, [[@raghuveerdotnet on Github::]].
Preview / example, available on Github
Tutorial [[How to setup Simply Jekyll]], which is basically clone the repo, connect to [[Netl...
in yesterday’s journal turned into pouring all of my content into that template instead.

Since I had to go into Cloudflare to update the IPNS linkDocumented in the Fission Guide, I fixed my blog SSL issue. is still running on Netlify, and something with the Netlify certificate and the Cloudflare stuff changed.

Cloudflare lets you generate certs, and this blog post tells you what to paste into Netlify’s third field.

I suspect editing the IPNS will mean that Cloudflare will mostly hang on to the cache for 6 hours or so. I voted for the purge cache for Cloudflare IPFS Gateway on their community forum.

I need to do some more work on how Journal posts like this one work.

Co-op and B-Corps structures are supposed to prevent this sort of thing. @jonrshell posts a thread covering the background of people soon to be in charge of MEC:

Short version: @MEC to be run by three middle-aged white men: a mediocre-at-best American investor, an out-of-work grocery CEO and a COO who might never have managed a store and runs a guns-and-testosterone shoe brand. This should go well! jonrshell