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  • Last Edit: October 08, 2020

access to open source meeting and conferencing tools, powered by BigBlueButton, running on cooperatively owned infrastructure. We are part of the commons economy.

Found this via Social.CoopSocial.Coop
From the wiki:

What?: is is an experiment in user-controlled social media. It is a community hub for people interested in co-ops and development of free/libre social media - these define the common core field of discussion, though they are far from the only things discussed.
We primarily run a MastodonMastodon
Mastodon is an open source federated micro-blogging platform.
The Mastodon documentation site covers what a microblog and federation are:

Similar to how blogging is the act of publishing updates to a website, microblogging is the act of publishing small updates to a stream of updates on your profile. You can publish text posts and optionally attach media such as pictures, audio, video, or polls. Mastodon lets you follow friends and discover new ones.
social media server: one node in the Fediverse, a federated network of social media applications which communicate using the Activity Pub and OStatus protocols.
, which is considering joining so SC members get access to meeting capabilities.

There’s a video that demos the capabilities of BigBlueButton: