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Keeping your Twitter Archive fresh and freely hosted on Github Pages

Blog post by @mhawksey on using his TAGSTAGS
Michael Hawksley’s “Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet”. Uses the Twitter API, a Google Sheets add-in script, and various options to archive and post Twitter content, including to Github Pages.
tool to have a continuous archive on Github Pages, which you can then add a domain name to, in order to have it at a custom website like I do for my Twitter ArchiveTwitter Archive
My personal Twitter Archive – everything posted to my @bmann Twitter account – is at
It is powered by Martin Hawksley’s [[TAGS]].
I set it up a long time ago, and it has worked reliably ever since. It runs from my Google Account, is linked to my Twitter account to pull my Twitter archive[^twitterarchive], and then it publishes it to my Github account, which uses Github Pages to publish and host
Martin’s post [[Keeping you...