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Networked Notebooks Catalogue

Github repo listing different networked notebooks aka Tools for Thought aka Second BrainSecond Brain
The concept of wikis goes back to an earlier era of the web. With the advent of blogging (and I would say, RSS feeds to subscribe and follow content from all over), wikis went away for a while.
Wikis probably also get a bad rap from their early incarnation inside company intranets. Aside from a bad editing interface, bad search is the big thing that kills company intranets of all kinds. More on the [[Wiki]] page.
Currently, in 2020, personal and company note repositories are experiencing a re...

Curated by @Prathyvsh

Under the Up and Coming section, it specifically names Digital Garden:

Not a product per-se, but from the discussion, the prototype seems interesting. It is an attempt to create a densely connected Digital Garden. (The term digital garden has become a popular term for describing websites that incorporate multiple facets of a person’s digital space like notes, blog etc into a single thing and allows visitors to stroll through them seamlessly like a garden with densely connected graph like structure. This article from Anne-Laure Le Cunff has an excellent explanation of it).

Found via @raghu, maker of Simply JekyllSimply Jekyll
Highly customized [[Jekyll]] template that supports both posts and custom notes, with everything able to be linked together with [[backlinks]] and other features.
Found via @bopuc on Ton’s post.

By Raghuveer S, [[@raghuveerdotnet on Github::]].
Preview / example, available on Github
Tutorial [[How to setup Simply Jekyll]], which is basically clone the repo, connect to [[Netl...