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Orbit Model

An alternate framework for analyzing and improving community growth and quality. Came from an insight that a funnel model isn’t appropriate for communities, as the relationships and communications are much more complicated than just buyer/seller.

The commercial company built around it is also called OrbitOrbit
The commercial company behind the [[Orbit Model]]. A kind of community CRM and an API and other tools and integrations for managing communities, focused initially on technical developer communities.

From the Github

The Orbit Model is a framework for building high gravity communities. A high gravity community is one that excels at attracting and retaining members by providing an outstanding member experience.

The Orbit Model contains four fundamental concepts: Gravity, Love, Reach and Orbit Level:

  • Love is a member’s level of engagement and activity in the community.
  • Reach is a measure of a community member’s sphere of influence.
  • Gravity is the attractive force of a community that acts to retain existing members and attract new ones.
  • Orbit levels are a practical tool for member segmentation and used to design different programs for each level of the community.

The goal of the Orbit Model is to increase the Gravity of your community.