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Do I need this relative links filter for JekyllJekyll
Set env variable PAGES_REPO_NWO to build on [[Netlify]]
Set the environment variable PAGES_REPO_NWO to a repo such as spadebuilders/EIPs if you want to have Jekyll sites build on Netlify.
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{% for post in site.posts %}
{% capture current_year %}{{ | date: "%Y" }}{% endcapture %}
{% if current_year != previous_year %}
{% unless forloop.first %}
{% endunless %}
<h2>{{ current_year }}</h2>
{% assign...

MuseApp Podcast with Andy Matuschak

  • Making “tools for thought” into a field
  • Apple‘s human interface lab
  • How we form memories
  • The idea collider

The Linux Foundation became a force in enterprise tech. Is that a problem?

What started as a means of protecting an open-source operating system has become a juggernaut of influence in enterprise tech. Not everyone is happy.

Why Open Source Failed

John Mark, July 2018

Save Open Source, Save the World

John Mark, December 2018

The Internet is for End Users

Yak Shaving: On Doing the Work Before the Work

Jason Lengstorf

Index Ventures Option Plan

Entrepreneurs know how important stock options are for hiring and retaining the best talent. But to create an effective option plan you need to know how much to award to each team member. We compiled the largest ever set of benchmark data, comprising over 4,000 option grants from more than 200 startups across the US and Europe. We want to help you get this right.

NFX’s The Next 10 Years Will Be About “Market Networks”

Market networks will produce a new class of unicorn companies and impact how millions of service professionals will work and earn their living.

Exit to Community

Grafting the lessons of old cooperatively owned companies to the online economy.