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SMB Peers

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aka Small Business Peer Roundtable.


I have a “yes” from one business, and just need to ask another if they want to participate. I have a couple of people in mind to be peers. Still thinking about whether to connect this into Venture ScoutsVenture Scouts
Growing the next generation of founders and funders in [[Canada]]
One of my current [[Projects]]. There is a [[Discourse]] forum at which anyone can join.
There are a variety of members-only groups on the site as well, including Pitch Deck Review.
To Do

[[TODO]] Kick off peer mentoring: get members to post a peer profile with the topics that they’re interested in providing peer mentorship on, as well as how to get in touch / book some time (e.g. [[Calendly]] link)
or not. Feels like it would be a fit.