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Twitter Archive

My personal Twitter Archive – everything posted to my @bmann Twitter account – is at

It is powered by Martin Hawksley’s TAGSTAGS
Michael Hawksley’s “Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet”. Uses the Twitter API, a Google Sheets add-in script, and various options to archive and post Twitter content, including to Github Pages.

I set it up a long time ago, and it has worked reliably ever since. It runs from my Google Account, is linked to my Twitter account to pull my Twitter archive[^twitterarchive], and then it publishes it to my Github account, which uses Github Pages to publish and host

Martin’s post Keeping your Twitter Archive fresh and freely hosted on Github PagesKeeping your Twitter Archive fresh and freely hosted on Github Pages
Blog post by @mhawksey on using his [[TAGS]] tool to have a continuous archive on Github Pages, which you can then add a domain name to, in order to have it at a custom website like I do for my [[Twitter Archive]].
has all the instructions to set this up for yourself.