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Web Feeds

  • Last Edit: September 28, 2020

@MattWebb built About Feeds to explain web feeds. Introducing About Feeds is his intro article. is a single page website, for linking wherever you keep your web feed.

If you go to the homepage of this very blog you’ll see a header on the left that says “GET LATEST POSTS”. Next to that is a link that says “FEED.” As we all know, that link is broken unless you have a newsreader app installed. And so next it is a new link that says: HELP! WHAT IS A FEED?

I added a FeedsFeeds
Don’t know what a feed is? Learn more on the About Feeds site.[[Or dive into more thoughts on Web Feeds.::rmn]]
RSS Feeds
[[There is no feed for the Archive other than newer blog posts. I don’t intend to create a feed for my Journal, you can come by and visit the site if you really want a peek.::lmn]]
Recently Updated Notes
Notes are the main wiki pages that I create here. This feed is sorted by last modified date, so items you’ve seen before will show up again when I re-edit them with more ...
page. Right now, just RSS. Why not just call it RSS? Well, there’s Atom, there are JSON Feeds, and ActivityPub / ActivityStreams are all under the bigger umbrella of Web Feeds.