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10:28pm Saturday

Well, everything is working, but need to figure a few things out. I used iA WriteriA Writer
What is iA Writer? A powerful Markdown editor app for iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

It can be used without reading long manuals. Just open the app and start typing. Introduced with the original iA Writer in 2010, Focus Mode blinds everything out except the sentence or paragraph you are working on.| Write one sentence or paragraph at a time. When you said what you feel, edit. We have you covered there as well.

iA Writer has a [[Micropub]] publishing feature.
With [[IndieKit]] I can publish posts ...
to post to the site and it works! I’ve made Article post types into what I call Notes here, the main post type.

Posting from Quill as an Article isn’t going to work1, since it turns everything into HTML and escapes the square brackets in wikilinks.

For the (Micropub) Notes post type, I’ve created a new kind called Logs. They use the current date stamp as their filename, and I made a temporary logs page to display them.

So, I can post arbitarily long Notes posts with Markdown formatting and wikilinks. This could replace my manual Journal entries. Instead, I would auto-generate journal pages per day (not sure if this is possible), or maybe just show the last N days of logs on a main journal page.2

  1. That is, the Micropub Article type, which is meant to be long form and HTML.

  2. As of 2021-02-22, I’m calling this log type a journal, and in fact merging the journal posts I made before into the logs category.