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4:28pm Saturday

I have been meaning to tinker with OpenFaas, specifically the non-Kubernetes faasdfaasd
faasd is part of [[OpenFaaS]]. I got it mostly up and running on Digital Ocean, using the cloud-init setup article.

faasd is OpenFaaS reimagined, but without the cost and complexity of Kubernetes. It runs on a single host with very modest requirements, making it fast and easy to manage. Under the hood it uses containerd and Container Networking Interface (CNI) along with the same core OpenFaaS components from the main project.

Continued from the Github README:

faasd is a static Golang ...
. This article – Bring a lightweight Serverless experience to DigitalOcean with Terraform and faasd – walks you through using Terraform and Digital Ocean to set things up.

I’ve been looking for an open source serverless function runner to work with FissionFission
Fission is the company I founded in June [[2019]] with [[Brooklyn Zelenka]].
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. I think this could then also run things like IndieKitIndieKit
From the Github README:

Indiekit is a small but powerful server that acts as the go-between your website and the wider independent web.

Publish content to your website using apps like [[iAWriter]], [[]], Icro, Indigenous or services that support the [[Micropub]] API
Syndicate your content to social networks like Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn, and save posts to the Internet Archive
Accept likes, comments and other types of feedback on your content with Webmention
Save files to dif...
for me personally.

I ended up buying the book Serverless for everyone else, which is an ebook by the creator of OpenFaas, Alex Ellis.

I got as far as Terraform automating the creation of a Digital Ocean droplet, which is pretty great, but have some errors that may be DNS related. As part of getting things setup, also installed doctl, the command line tool for Digital Ocean.