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Photopea, online photo editor

Works with Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, raw files, and most image formats. Not fully open source, free with ads or $40 / year. Works offline after first load. Available as a PWA, great for using on a ChromebookChromebook
I’m a fan of Chromebooks because they are what I used to love about my Macbook Air 11”: small, powerful, computers with long battery life. In addition, they also happen to be pretty inexpensive – a very good machine starts at $600CAD.
ASUS Flip C302CA
I bought this new ASUS Chromebook in early 2018, because The Wirecutter told me it was the best one
Other Topics
[[Cloud Gaming on Chromebooks]]
Chrome & Android Apps can only Read / Write to Downloads
This means you need to use your Do...
. I use it on MacOSMacOS
Command Line
Convert SVG to PNG
Use brew to install rsvg-convert:
brew install librsvg
Run rsvg to convert SVGs to PNGs. The numeric argument is the height in pixels, the width is done automatically.
rsvg-convert -h 512 filename.svg > filename.png
You can also use [[Automator]] to make a drag-and-droppable app to drop files onto:
{: .internal-link}
rather than having anything from the Adobe suite installed.

Fall [[2020]] [[Chromebook]] recommendations for back to school in [[Canada]]