Mostly POSSE

An overview of my social accounts and posting. It can be summarized as mostly POSSE.1

This started as a short post to put directly into a single Mastodon post about my three Mastodon accounts, but kind of got out of hand, so now it’s a blog post.

My landing page links to all my social accounts2, and is also my Bluesky username.

I used Bluesky a lot in the early days, less so now. I’m more interested in ATProtocol than any particular network built with it, and am also interested in their DID based user ID system.

My third Bluesky account is for my FoodWiki and is For a change of pace, it has no automation and nothing cross posts to it! I hand post food pictures and recipes that I put on my FoodWiki. In part I made that a Bluesky account because many Mastodon users expect Content Warnings (CW) on things like food pictures.

I still have a Twitter account, but only use it for cross-posting to. The Twitter note page here also details my archive.

I have a Farcaster account and access that protocol through the Warpcast app.

Tech Blog posts I’m not auto cross posting. In part because they come across as just title plus link without any context in’s feed cross posting. Until I relaunched this site over the holidays, my long form tech blogging had effectively lapsed. We’ll see what the year brings!

Fedica is a commercial service that does cross posting that I’m experimenting with for sharing blog posts.

The Fedica model supports 8 accounts even at the free account tier, which is great! But, even at paid tiers, you can only use one account per network, so right away it doesn’t support my three Mastodon accounts. And yeah, I have a pile of company and project accounts I run for work on the Fission Mastodon Server.

There’s a whole other discussion to be had here about the affordances of each network3 that fights against cross-posting. No hashtags on Bluesky or No quote posting on Mastodon. And different character count lengths and embedding support.

I’ll continue to experiment across many different networks, servers, and protocols. I’ll produce feeds from here.

I’ll look to own my accounts and data, and continue pooling capital and collaboration to work with others.

  1. And overload! Yes I realize this is a lot of accounts and protocols and platforms to experiment with. The last time it was this dense was the mid 2000s. This time around, I’m hoping we can end up in more interoperable protocols, with my hope being that ActivityPub and ATProtocol are both solid foundations for the next generation of not just social networks, but many apps. 

  2. Technically not all of them. I have Instagram and Facebook accounts that I don’t use. I have a Swarm/Foursquare account. Maybe I will eventually list all my accounts for completeness 😅 

  3. Erin Kissane has been doing lots of writing and research about this, like her Affordance Loop article: “Affordances, in the simplest terms, are what an object offers or provides to a specific individual at a particular moment in time.” 

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