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  • Last Edit: October 03, 2020

Don’t know what a feed is? Learn more on the About Feeds site.Or dive into more thoughts on Web Feeds.

RSS Feeds

There is no feed for the Archive other than newer blog posts. I don’t intend to create a feed for my Journal, you can come by and visit the site if you really want a peek. Recently Updated Notes

Notes are the main wiki pages that I create here. This feed is sorted by last modified date, so items you’ve seen before will show up again when I re-edit them with more info. The Notes page shows the same thing in human readable form.

Recent Links

Anything with a link field. Mostly comes in two flavours. One is a kind of bookmark, that links to an app, or open source tool, or a website that I want to keep track of and perhaps write a few things about. The second is an Article, where I take notes and quote pieces of it that I find interesting. The Links page shows both kinds.


The home page and the Blog page list recent blogs.Blogging is slow and infrequent in these parts. I’m busy updating notes instead! The microblog has more frequent short posts, images, and such.