Added the journal feed in the link header of all pages so it can be auto-discovered.

Pleasantly surprised to be digging into the IPFS _redirects spec. I guess I can just point to my old archive! /archive/* https://2023.bmannconsulting.com/archive/* 301

Made a BMC page where some TO DO stuff will live.

How many times have I ended up using this JSON Feed#Jekyll JSON Feed Templates? Many times! The special treatment for link front matter has me thinking.

Decided to not mess with feed format right now. It's working, let's use it for a bit, and see how various things look once they cross-post through Micro.blog to Mastodon. Where it's actually putting content on my under-used @boris@toolsforthought.social account.

Added a Journal layout template.

  • Removed LogSeq note site links
  • Added tag display from blog posts layout, which links to /notes/tag (but can't tell if it exists or not, so might 404)
  • Added via link to the sidebar
  • Used Link as the title if it exists

And I guess this will be a test of what large journal cross-posts do!


Got Redirects working correctly! So https://bmannconsulting.com/blog/2021/02/13/drop-in-audio/ should redirect to https://2023.bmannconsulting.com/blog/2021/02/13/drop-in-audio/ (same theme, so won't even look that different).

And cross posting of large posts works just fine, with a link back to the post. Nice!