AFFiNE is a workspace with fully merged docs, whiteboards and databases. Built local first with cloud sync using CRDT for multi-device and multi-user.

Open source and self host-able - Postgres and Redis in Docker.

Described as a Notion or Miro replacement.


Similar to, MIT-licensed with a backend portion AFFiNE Enterprise Edition License that will restrict / charge for organization and team features.

Other Open Source

The Affine team have extracted several frameworks out of their core application stack.


BlockSuite is a toolkit for building editors and collaborative applications.

Based on Web Components (which is notable because Affine is built in React).



OctoBase an offline-available, scalable, self-contained collaborative database implemented based on CRDTs. It is the core to resolve conflicts between the duplication of data and manage the databases so that real-time collaboration and local-first storage is possible. It supports local storage and serve-side storage.

A light-weight, scalable, data engine written in Rust.

Additionally, OctoBase can function as a standalone server database, or it can be integrated directly into your application as an embedded database while remaining fully functional.

AGPL licensed


Self Hosting

The Affine Self Host docs talks about steps to take to run Docker / Docker Compose.

Portainer Setup

I have a demo running on my test install of Portainer.

I used the compose file on Github and added version: '0.1' to the top and pasted that into Portainer's "stacks" interface.

I used the interface to add env variables for admin email and password.

Once the stack was deployed, I went to $MYIP:3010 and created a new cloud workspace.

It is currently very unclear what the costs will be for self-hosted. There is a Github issue with many items marked offtopic – which also includes details on what to edit in the database to remove restrictions. Github Discussions has a couple of topics on self hosting – 5975, 6299.

Outline has a no-charge community edition with limited features, as does

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